Vision 2020 invites your suggestions about Arlington's future

Arlington's Vision 2020, founded in 1990, is an active partnership of townspeople, public officials and town employees who work on matters important to life in Arlington. With an appreciation of Arlington's past, it is dedicated to ensuring that issues important to Arlington's future are studied, acted upon and resolved in a timely process which is strategic, creative, collaborative and fact based. More than 4,500 people have participated in Vision 2020.

Arlington is a community of approximately 42,700 people in 5.5 square miles. It is considered safe, settled, and populated by many who contribute countless hours to making this town a richly diverse and thriving community. Some changes have occurred, and more will surely be proposed.

Vision 2020 invites you to share your thoughts about Arlington's future needs and directions.

For more information on Vision 2020 or any Task Group, please call the Arlington Planning Department at (781) 316-3090, or Jane Howard at (781) 648-1936

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